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Struggling to bounce back after a year of home-schooling, solo working and back-to-back Zoom calls?

Sick of staring at your screen and feeling like you’ll never come up with any inspiring ideas again?

Craving a culture fix? A wander around a museum or gallery? 

Want to get your teams’ creative mojo back?


We get it!
After a year working from home under extraordinary levels of stress, our creative mojos are collectively lacking. And bouncing back to full motivation and creativity won’t happen by magic…

...which is a problem when your job requires the fizzing-with-ideas version of you, not the burnt-out and exhausted one!

Maybe your business or agency is even starting to lose out to ‘more creative’ competitors? Or you’re in a creative role and have (ironically) lost your creativity… which is making you feel like an imposter in the job you once loved?

No amount of motivational self-help books or TED Talks are going to help you refind that spark right now.

You need a change of scene and a creative reset.
Research shows that letting our minds wander is great for creativity. And, studies show that engaging with the arts can act as a buffer against stress, build creativity and help us adapt to changing circumstances. 

Well, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get you actually being creative again, rather than sitting at your desk thinking about it, feeling more and more uninspired.

While we can’t always go to galleries, cinemas, events or museums in our new-normal landscape… can join us for a virtual visit, instead!

Take a virtual  

Field Trip To The Museum

Take a wander through some of the world’s most iconic design innovations, with Now Go Create founder Claire as your guide. She’ll take you through exercises using the museum exhibits as stimuli, and you’ll explore the role of your conscious and unconscious mind, using insights from neuroscience.

This e-learning course has 9 core lessons for you to work through, plus three powerful creativity tools to learn and practise, so you can tackle the blank page with them at any time. 

“Spending an hour this morning on this was time very well spent. 

It really is fantastic. Such an interesting way of not only learning new tools, but I really came away feeling inspired and empowered to take that 'thinking time' out of the day.

I often go gung-ho into trying to find solutions, so I look forward to using the well-formed question tool – a new one for me – to break apart the challenge.”

 Lauren Spearman, Head of Social & Advocacy

A Trip To The Museum will get you and your team out of your creative funk and teach you practical skills to re-ignite your creativity.

You will:

✅ Learn and practice the ‘random stimulus’ technique to trigger all sorts of different and unexpected ideas.

✅ Start developing well-formed questions using prompts to stoke your curiosity.

✅ Sleep on it, as the saying goes. Learn to deliberately ‘plant’ a request for information into your unconscious mind... and wake up with insights and ideas.

“But I barely have time to do my job, let alone take time out for inspiration!”

We know (and understand!) that, right now, you’re frazzled. 

You’re short on time, overcommitted and under-resourced. An inspirational day out sounds great, but it’s not going to shrink that to-do list, or prep that presentation for you, is it?

Well, actually… it just might. 

We’ve worked with e-learning experts to make this course as practical as possible.

Throughout this module you'll develop new ideas, products or campaigns to suit your needs, using designs including the Singer sewing machine, the ballpoint pen and other iconic inventions as brainfood. 

Then it’s time to take on a design challenge of your own to try the new tools in action...

...All without leaving your sofa, desk or home office! Now doesn’t that sound appealing?

Will you meet us at the Museum? 

Spend a blissful couple of hours letting your mind wander to foster greater abstract thinking and vastly increase your creative inspiration.

Module 1: Meet your tour guide, Claire (and take a whizz around your brain)
With input from a neuroscientist, we take a tour around the brain to understand what happens when we're being creative. Discover why we need a diverse range of stimulus to generate unexpected ideas and why mental detours matter.

Module 2: Take a break 
When was the last time you gave yourself permission to daydream, dawdle or explore without expectation? This lesson looks at some of the blockers to creativity and how to overcome them.

Module 3: Well-formed questions
So, you want to think differently? Being open to different points of view and ways of doing things is key to creativity. The first stage is getting to a well-formed question. In this module, we’ll teach you how.

Module 4: Using random stimuli
By adding in a random aspect to your thinking, you can’t predict the outcome. Which means you’re likely to draw unexpected and unusual connections to trigger new ways of thinking, just as we’ll practise here.

Module 5: Letter to the unconscious mind
What do sewing machines, Blockbuster movie Avatar, the Theory of Relativity, DNA and the Periodic Table have in common? They’re all the result of dreams. So we invite you to try this clever process; tried, tested and loved by creatives the world over.

Module 6: Recapping your creative journey
So, whaddya know? Test your newly developed skills with a quiz to see what’s landed so far.

BONUS activity: A little design challenge… what invention would make your life better? 
Spark the imagination with a walk-through prompt on coming up with inventions you’d love to see in your own life. 

BONUS activity: The Raisin Meditation
Switch your mind into a more creative state with The Raisin Meditation, an MP3 mindfulness exercise to encourage you to notice details in the moment. 

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16 page workbook also included
A step-by-step guide to use for reference during and after the course. Implement your learnings as you go, and come back anytime you need a refresh.

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I’m on a tight schedule. How much time will I need to get through the course?
We’ve designed this course with e-learning experts to ensure it’s practical, digestible and easy to go through at your own pace. There are nine lessons, and around an hour of core content, broken into 15-20 minute sections. The whole course takes around 90 minutes in total.

How will this help my career?
Innovative companies like Amazon, Uber, Apple, Google and Virgin aren’t that way by accident. They have deliberate processes and mindsets we can all learn from, and the key is creativity and agile problem-solving. Creativity is an essential leadership quality for success in business, outweighing integrity and global thinking, according to IBM. All our courses are designed to futureproof your skills and sky-rocket your creative confidence, whether you’re a team leader, digital fiend, Creative Director, agency lead or entrepreneur.  

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I have more questions!

Ask away. Email Claire personally at for more information and we’ll be happy to advise whether the course is a good fit for you.


Copyright notice: the module was filmed with permission at the Design Museum. The module is not endorsed or funded by The Design Museum. All images are taken by Now Go Create or licensed stock photographs.

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