Does any of this sound familiar?

Your team’s understaffed, burnt out and in constant firefighting mode. There’s just nothing left in the creative tank for new ideas.

Your calendar’s full of meetings, but nothing seems to get done. (you want to collaborate but Zoom just isn’t cutting it!)

The past year’s been so hectic, your brain feels fuzzy and your creative juices are drained.

And on top of that, you’ve just had a creative brainstorm dropped on you to prepare for and lead tomorrow…

Cue stress, another late night and several cups of coffee.

What if coming up with ideas didn’t have to feel so overwhelming? 
Even started feeling productive, effective, and dare we say... fun?

So fun, that you fell totally in love with the creative process and felt equipped, excited and empowered to take the lead, confidently running collaborative sessions and sharing your ideas.

The world is full of big problems to be solved and new opportunities to be seized.

Leaders need a reliable, deliberate process to create a pipeline of ideas. And the skills to put those ideas into action.

What impact would it have on your work if you could tap into a place of inspiration and come up with genuinely impactful, useful ideas that met your brief whenever you needed to? Even under pressure.

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How To Build An Idea

Idea generation is a core part of creative thinking, and it’s all unpacked in this self-paced online training. 

Nail these tools and techniques to futureproof your skills and sky-rocket your creative confidence, whether you’re a team leader, digital fiend, Creative Director, agency lead or entrepreneur. 

(Psst! If you’re in Learning & Development, this is the solution to all those “we need training on creativity and problem-solving” requests)

This e-learning course has nine lessons for you to work through to build your creativity toolkit and generate a raft of ideas to tackle real-world scenarios in your business. We’ve used them with the UN, Kenwood, ASOS and hundreds of other organisations to help them innovate. Create an account now for instant access to our learning content.


How To Build An Idea is a highly practical and interactive online creativity course that will teach you:

✅ A smart alternative to brainstorming used by Google, Facebook and Microsoft. Question storming is your secret weapon for better ideas. Tap into the technique to take a fresh approach to idea generation.

✅ The art of ‘related worlds’. One of our favourite creativity tools to enable a fresh perspective. Learn how to apply it to whatever challenge you’re facing in your team or organisation.

✅ The powerful technique to take the heat out of evaluating ideas: Plus Minus Interesting. “It’s not what the idea is but what the idea has to do.” This critical thinking tool is a gamechanger for considering all points of view before moving forwards.

And that’s not all...

… we know you’re busy, frazzled and flat-as-a-battery after a year in pandemic fight-or-flight mode. So an online course full of theory alone won’t cut it. 

That’s why this course allows you to apply all your new knowledge to a mock scenario and a typical real-world business challenge. 

Work alongside Now Go Create founder and creativity expert Claire Bridges as she interrogates a fictional creative brief for a new cider, and put your new-found creativity tools to the test.

Real ideas. Real challenges.

These sessions aren’t just theory. They’re highly practical. 

Apply them directly to a genuine business challenge you’d like to work through.

Not only will you come away with a whole new host of tools to apply to future projects. You'll leave with your own, thought-through examples and idea-starters for your specific challenge. 


Waiting for you inside How To Build An Idea...

... are 9 learning modules in bitesize, 15-minute chunks to increase your creative confidence and equip you with practical skills to generate, build and sell your ideas.

Module 1: Meet your tutor
Claire is virtually on hand throughout to give her real-world experience and insight as well as examples from a wide variety of sources and references. 

Module 2: Owning your creativity
A quick spin around definitions of creativity and a check-in on your creative confidence. Then we’ll unpack the creative process: fact-finding, idea-finding and solution-finding.

Module 3: Introducing the problem
Meet and unpack your creative brief: a scenario for fictional cider brand Meineken designed to get your critical thinking and creative juices flowing.

Module 4: Tool 1, Question Storming
Learn how asking many questions before diving into answers can open up a new dialogue and multiple directions  to explore before landing on your solution.

Module 5: Tool 2, Related Worlds
Someone, somewhere, has faced the same problems you have right now. Use this tool to access new ideas and a fresh approach, like the ballpoint-pen-inspired innovation of the roll-on deodorant.

Module 6: Tool 3, Plus, Minus, Interesting
Ensure all different points of view are considered for frictionless (and obstacle-free) idea generation with this critical thinking tool.

Module 7: Recapping your creative journey
So, whaddya know? Test your newly developed skills with a quiz to see what’s landed so far.

Module 8: Where will you go next?
Continue your creative adventure and take a look at the other ways we can help you unleash your creativity to upskill yourself for the future of work.

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14 page workbook also included
A step-by-step guide to use for reference during and after the course. Implement your learnings as you go, and come back anytime you need a refresh

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I’m on a tight schedule. How much time will I need to get through the course?
We’ve designed this course with e-learning experts to ensure it’s practical, digestible and easy to go through at your own pace. There are nine lessons, and around an hour of core content, broken into 15-20 minute sections. The whole course takes 1 hour, 30 minutes in total, but some people have done it faster! Go at your own pace

What level of business is this course for?
If your role requires you to problem solve, think creatively and generate ideas – this is for you! Our courses are designed for agencies, small businesses, teams, high street brands and charities. We’ve delivered creativity and innovation training to over 20,000 people, with a broad range of clients and organisations, including creative agencies, the UN, Sky Media, Google and teams at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

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I have more questions!

Ask away. Email Claire personally at for more information and we’ll be happy to advise whether the course is a good fit for you.