Creativity is a muscle. Our brand new e-learning courses help you flex it.

Build creative confidence, unlock fresh ideas and see your business thrive against the competition.

  • “There’s so much day-to-day stuff to wade through, there’s no space for creative thinking or new ideas.”

  • “Our teams are operating on auto-pilot. Our brainstorms are lacklustre and our output feels stale, repetitive and uninspiring. I know we can do better.”

  • “Working from home is making creative collaboration as a team feel impossible.”

Any of the above sound familiar? We can help!

Don’t stay stuck and uninspired. How would you like to:


✅ Equip and empower your people to problem-solve consistently?

✅ Discover frameworks, structure and confidence to pitch your ideas with conviction?

✅ Find tools and techniques to tackle the blank page and banish creative blocks for good? 

✅ Turn your 3am ideas into products and services your customers can’t wait to buy?

✅ Learn how to tap into creative states with ease for great ideas when you need them most?

And do it all flexibly. Wherever you like, on whatever device works for you, at any time of day? Just like Netflix, but making you smarter as you go!

The carefully curated content of our online programme was designed in collaboration with e-learning experts to teach you the tools and techniques to ignite your inspiration, whenever it’s needed most. This is where creativity goes to work! 

Discover our e-learning courses and start building your creative toolkit

With 25 lessons across three new modules, you and your people can flex our online content to suit your needs and learning style. Start building your creativity toolkit today with each one.  Creating an account takes just a minute and then you'll have access to our learning content, worksheets and more.


How To Build An Idea

So what does it take to be creative in business? And can you get better at it? Based on training over 20,000 people and studying creativity extensively, we say categorically yes!

And the good news is that with knowledge, guidance and practice you can future-proof your career by developing these skills.

How To Build An Idea is an online programme that's been three years in the making, leaning on nearly 25 years of experience working in the creative industries. It's carefully designed to help you to generate, develop and sell your brilliant ideas. 

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Get Yourself In A Great State To Create

Ever feel like you have no creative energy to bring to your role at work? We all have busy lives, stresses and time-pressures, which can make us distracted and disconnected from ourselves and the rich stimuli all around us. 

And then there’s the pandemic. Knock-on effects of home-working are causing rising levels or burnout, as our desk hours increase and our boundaries between home and work get blurred.

This module invites you to take some time out to refill your creativity tank. Whether that’s a mental break between endless meetings, a change of scenery, or getting yourself in the right frame of mind ahead of a creative brainstorm. 

These tools will become staples in your creative toolkit to get yours and your team’s creative mojo back! Use them when you’re burnt out, bored or preparing to lead a workshop. Whenever you need to be in a great state to create.

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Field trip to The Museum

Research shows that letting your mind wander fosters creativity. And, while we can’t always visit our favourite cultural venues right now, we can get there virtually! Join Now Go Create founder and creativity expert Claire Bridges on a virtual tour at one of our favourites, London's Design Museum. We'll take inspiration from the ingenuity, creativity and inventions we find there in an hour of modules to take at your pace. 

You’ll learn creative exercises using the museum artefacts as a stimulus. And explore the role of your conscious and unconscious mind in creativity, using insights from neuroscience to add more tools to your creative toolkit. Finally we'll develop new ideas, products or campaigns to suit your needs, using iconic designs as brainfood. 

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  • Spending an hour this morning doing the Museum course was time very well spent. It really is fantastic. Such an interesting way of not only learning new tools, but I really came away feeling inspired & also empowered to take that 'thinking time' out of the day.

  • I often go gung-ho into trying to find solutions, so I look forward to using the well-formed question tool – a new one for me – to break apart the challenge.

  • I loved how it was broken up with videos, some reading, interactive images (flipping over etc). It was visually really stimulating & being able to see the different sections coming up & having a clear indicator of expected completion time was really helpful in knowing how much dedicated concentration time was needed for each section.

  • I ended up doing all three back to back, love it! LAUREN SPEARMAN, HEAD OF SOCIAL AND ADVOCACY, MADE.COM

  • I undertook 3 different webinars with the Now Go Create team learning creativity tools and methodologies. I then took the e-learning course 'How To Build An Idea' in my own time. The entire programme has helped me to work better with my team, reignite my creative mojo and the online piece a month later was a great refresher to embed what we'd covered. The training was invaluable, definitely recommend." Dimple Vijaykumar, Global Social Media Manager, UNHCR

Who are we? Now Go Create are a crack team of creative training and leadership experts with world-class credentials. Over the past 10 years we’ve trained almost 20,000 people in the art and science of creative thinking.

And we can help you to future-proof your business and up-skill your people.

“But can you really teach creativity?”

Having trained over 20,000 people and studied creativity extensively, we say yes! And our previous clients, course-takers and CEOs (Creative Experts & Optimists  ) agree.

Creativity isn’t something you have. It’s something you do

It’s never a lack of ideas that’s the problem . It’s a lack of time, confidence, process or leadership that stops them from going any further. When you understand what’s holding you back, you can tackle creative blocks head-on.

Our courses teach you how  , whatever your role or sector. 

We’ve trained teams all over the world, virtually, and in-person, including the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, ASOS, Fremantle Media, New York Times and Google. We’ve taught creativity across multiple industries with leading PR, design, creative, research and insight agencies. 

Now we’re bringing our academically researched frameworks to add a sprinkling of science to the creative process through virtual learning. We deliver practical tools and techniques to empower you and your people to tap into creativity and thrive against your competitors.

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