The Full Monty - our 4 most popular & effective courses in one hit.

If you want to take a really deep dive or help your team to up their creative performance then take these 3 courses together.

How To Build An Idea is a great place to start bulding your tookit and your confidence to generate ideas within a clear process

Trip To The Museum shares tools and techniques to tackle the blank page and banish creative blocks for good. Maybe even turn your 3am ideas into products and services your customers can’t wait to buy.

A Great State To Create will help you learn how to tap into creative states with ease for great ideas when you need them most. 

  • Maybe you work with a team and are responsible for their creative output and want to have a shared language for creative ideas?
  • The recent lockdowns may have had you misplace your creative mojo down the back of the sofa.
  • Or perhaps you know that these are skills you'll need for the future and want to future-proof your career?

Whatever your motivation, you'll be much better equipped to tackle any challenge after this.

Pay for 3 courses and get How To Collaborate and Brainstorm Like A Pro for free!

Start building your creative toolkit across these 25 lessons in three modules and flex our online content to suit your needs and learning style. Even experienced professionals with a love of creativity and a need for it in their daily jobs love these courses. See what the lovely Lauren Spearman from has to say

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